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Foreign Company Registration


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Foreign Company Registration


The definition of the foreign company is defined under Section 42 of Act, 2013, wherein it defined “foreign company” as any company or body corporate incorporated outside India, which has its place of business in India through its agent physically or by electronic mode and conducts its business in India. A foreign company is required to register with Registrar of Companies within 30 days from the date of establishment of its company in India and should comply with the provisions of Company Act that are applicable to them and their business. Nevertheless, all foreign companies are not required to comply, only the foreign companies that held 50% or more than that in a paid-up share capital in Indian companies need to comply the Act.

1. For Indian citizen 1. PAN card mandatory
2. Address proof
3. Photograph ID proof like passport, Aadhar card or driving license.

2. For foreign national 1. Passport mandatory
2. Address Proof
3. Photograph ID Proof like any government license or document containing name in full, photo and date of birth.)
4. Documents submitted must be certified by the Indian Consular or consulate.

3. Address proof of the office and if accommodation is rented then latest electricity bill

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